Zen in my baby’s den

December 31, 2010

Tonight, as I was rocking Gwen to sleep and playing with her hair, I looked down at her drifting sweetly off to sleepy-land face and noticed her hands were in the sign language position for “I love you!” How perfect is that? She is the most precious thing a mommy could ever want. I love this time we have together, as a family ~ just spending the days together, doing nothing more special than being with each other, is the best feeling ever.

We did venture out earlier this week to Palm Springs so that my baby could play in the snow. We took the Tramway up to the mountains, and it was absolutely gorgeous. The only problem was, it was winter break so everyone and their grandma had the same idea. We had to wait over 2 hours to get on the tram, and after an hour drive with a teething toddler, it was quite exhausting.  Not to mention we had to scale the incline of the parking lot, and waiting area, then the steep, winding, and slippery slope to get to the snow. I had to carry Gwen most of the way, (but I’m not complaining about that – how could I say no to the sweetest sound of, “mommy, hold you?” Of course, I will hold you!) so I was traveling with 2 babies, and I’m still sore from it. Hello, trimester three, we meet again.

It was worth it – seeing Gwen lick snow off her glove, attempt to run through snow only to slip into the cusion of cold, white, fluff, and stumble upon a real, live snow man – all good memories I hope to give her at least once a year. We finished the day off with a hot bath, and our new bedtime routine which involves a foot rub with lavendar oil, thanks to a certian auntie. Lavendar works amazingly for bedtime! I’m also using a “zen lullabye” cd to help her drift off, and that’s seems to be helping as well. She’s finding her “zen” in her zzzz’s…


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