Slow and steady, mind wanders
imaginary friends and duties call
belly forward, head down
carefully stepping over pages of time

pitter-patter, pitter-patter
shorebirds running from the waves
hair bouncing on strawberry cheeks
as pages keep turning faster

feet dragging, knees give out
body slumps against the stairs
heavy eyelids don’t want to close
hunger for the finish line

I hear your tiny footprints telling stories
on your tiny tippy-toes
little girl, keep on dancing
sing your stories through your toes


angel tears

January 31, 2012

Are impossibly large,
big enough
one could fill a stream.
Early morning, mourning dew drops
clutching at your heart,
rolling down firey red cheeks
that just kissed lips and laughed

Fall from eyelids tightly closed,
lashes dripping,
glistening in the high noon sunlight
of the days’ emotional
motion of a childhood dream.

stream past lips that puff with sadness
tremble in their cry
mouth wide open
frown lines form on this angel,
angel of mine.

Left Behind

January 31, 2012

your toothbrush stares at me
its bristles dry, like the tear-wells in my eyes
every last drip used up
nothing left
to feed the weed that grows
in the crack you’ve left in

my heart like a boulder
hanging in my belly
drags with every step
if it had its way it would
rolling and
but life goes on, lives on
so I stare back at

bristles bent
like grass in a storm
begging for the wind to end
when will it end
this swelling in my throat
and when will the trembles
leave my hands
that used to hold

your hands
I miss the most
your fingers though my hair
that held
our daughter
and the boulder
past memories of
your toothbrush

Dusting off my blog…

January 30, 2012

I keep having those precious moments with my kiddos where I tell myself, I need to write this down! Don’t forget this moment! They’re growing up too fast! And look, it’s been over a YEAR since my last post. I fail at bloging. Officially failed. Sigh, whatev. I do what I can.

Here’s what I want to remember from the last year: How Gwen cuddles/hugs/kisses me after I tell her the last good-night story. How she tells me, “I love my mommy.” and “Mommy, I always love you.” How she reaches out for me while she’s falling asleep to make sure I’m still there. How angelic she looks with her cheek resting on her hands on the pillow. The way she rides her bike and runs with bounces in her steps. And how much she loves her Toby-Tobs.

I want to remember how Toby does his motor-boat lips. How he points at everything. How he laughs when we let him “feed” us. How he laughs at his sister. How he face plants when he’s upset. How he wants to eat EVERYTHING. I want to remember that he is nearly walking at 10 months, and he has no teeth yet!

Ugh, I love my children. They are the most precious gifts I am so lucky to have.


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