Dusting off my blog…

January 30, 2012

I keep having those precious moments with my kiddos where I tell myself, I need to write this down! Don’t forget this moment! They’re growing up too fast! And look, it’s been over a YEAR since my last post. I fail at bloging. Officially failed. Sigh, whatev. I do what I can.

Here’s what I want to remember from the last year: How Gwen cuddles/hugs/kisses me after I tell her the last good-night story. How she tells me, “I love my mommy.” and “Mommy, I always love you.” How she reaches out for me while she’s falling asleep to make sure I’m still there. How angelic she looks with her cheek resting on her hands on the pillow. The way she rides her bike and runs with bounces in her steps. And how much she loves her Toby-Tobs.

I want to remember how Toby does his motor-boat lips. How he points at everything. How he laughs when we let him “feed” us. How he laughs at his sister. How he face plants when he’s upset. How he wants to eat EVERYTHING. I want to remember that he is nearly walking at 10 months, and he has no teeth yet!

Ugh, I love my children. They are the most precious gifts I am so lucky to have.


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