A year ago today…

April 1, 2012

I was drinking tea, trying to relax my way through the beginning of labor. I’m lucky enough to have loooooong labors. And I mean long. With Gwen it was a brutal 27 hours. Toby was nice enough to introduce himself after nearly 23 hours. My contractions had started around 6:00, just after I got off the treadmill.( After 5 weeks of bed rest for – labor, you got comfortable in there Toby, and I needed to remind you it was time.) Knowing labor was going to be long, I tried to sleep, but the best I could do was five minutes here or there in between looking at my watch and timing contractions. I finally woke your dad up before 6 and sent my mom a message to get ready, because today was the day. We explained to Gwen that we would be going to the hospital to have her brother. She was excited and confused at the same time, but the precious little girl that she is gave me a brave hug and kiss goodbye.

When we got to the hospital around 9:30, I was already 4 centimeters, and I was kindly begging for the epidural. I was managing the contractions better than the first time around, but still, it’s labor. It HURTS.  I think the anistecialogist finally got to me by 1:30. I have scoliosis, and he struggled getting it in. So much, that the pokes were taking my mind off of the labor pain, and I actually asked him to stop trying because he was hurting me too. He didn’t listen, and by the 6th poke, I was feeling numb. Ahhh…until 3:00 when I started feeling everything again. By now my body was trembling, and it felt like there was no break in between contractions. By 4:30 the doctor finally came back to give me more meds, but I still felt everything below my belly button. Stupid scoliosis, next time I’ll skip the epidural.

You came out after three pushes. You came out beautifully. The first word that came to my mind when I saw you was, amazing. And then, perfect. You were absolutely beautiful. The doctor said you came out kicking, an attribute you stayed true to through every diaper change since.

You have been an easy going baby. Sleeping through the night? I got this, guys. Car seat? No problem, I’ll just watch my sister. Time to eat? Sounds good to me. Cuddles? Yes, please! I love everything about your personality. You love animals. It’s like you can speak to them. You can tackle Jackson, and while he would react with a ninja attack on anyone else, with you he purrs. You love music too. When you were first learning to walk, you had to turn the tunes on before you’d attempt a step. I have a feeling you might have inherited your dad’s talent for tunes. I cannot wait to hear/see where that takes you. And finally, I love seeing you interact with your sister. She loves you so much. You love her so much. Don’t ever forget that. Your bond is fierce. No one can make you laugh as hard, cry as hard, love as much.

Toby, I love you with every cell of my body. Every day I am with you I feel like pinching myself. I cannot believe that I have been blessed with such amazing children.


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