Jackson 2007-2012

July 3, 2012

About 5 years ago, my husband and I had recently moved into a new apartment in San Elijo. Since we weren’t having any luck in our procreation efforts, we decided to get another cat. It made perfect sense: getting a buddy for our high energy cat, Peta, would keep him out of trouble while we were away from home, right? (insert naive comment here)

We named him Jackson. He fell in brotherly love with Peta immediately, and while it took a bit longer for Peta to get used to him, before long we caught them snuggling together during their afternoons naps, waking each other up with caring licks of their sandpaper tongues, and most certainly conspiring with each other over their next attack on the new toilet paper roll in the spare bathroom while we weren’t looking. They became partners in crime in the never ending cycle of tearing the house apart, (making us curse our decision to ever provide a roof over their heads) napping, and then forcing us to forgive them with their precious purrs and kitty snuggles.

This parternship continued on throughOut our big move to our new house in Temecula, and the biggest change in our lives, our children. Their conspirascies evolved from dismantling the toilet paper roll to hunting lizards, mice, and grasshoppers. As for the new additions to our home, we were pleasantly surprised. While Peta was sweet enough to tolerate cuddling from Gwen as a newborn, it was Jackson who truely amazed us with his sudden patient nature for Toby. On a few occasions, I had been on the recieving end of Jackson’s unpredictable vicious attacks. He held nothing back, not like Peta who would give a gentle “warning” bite, Jackson would attack full force, with rabbit kicks and a full on death grip. But with Toby he was different. While Gwen generally steered clear of the cats, Toby was attracked to the cats as if they were the soft fluffy blankets he had been searching for all morning to take to his nap. He would tackle Jackson on all fours, roll on him with his fur held tightly between his tiny fists, sit on him, and in between rest his head on him as if he was a pillow. Throughout it all, Jackson would purr.

This is what I miss most about Jackson. How sweet and gentle he became with our Toby. Last Tuesday night, he went to kitty heaven. Your life was short, but you were loved Jackson. Your family misses you. Rest in peace.



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