The things I can’t say no to:

July 12, 2012

Everyone has had them, those moments where all rational thoughts give way to our inner devilish voice tempting us with chocolate orgasims and promises of never ending warm and fuzzies. Here are my top 5 weaknesses:

1. My mom’s chocolate chip cookies

Maybe you’ve said, “my mom makes the best chocolate chip cookies,” BUT, that is because you haven’t tried my mom’s cookies. They are out of this world delish. I’ve been known to hide a few in the freezer as a secret stash for myself. Try as we may, none of her children have been able to duplicate their salivating deliciousness. She does something magic in the mix. Buttery brown and crisp on the outside, yet chewy on the inside, and LOTS of ooey, gooey chocolate chips that melt in your mouth the moment they hit your lips. Words cannot describe the heavenly taste. That’s all I can say about that.

2. My baby boy’s pleas for m&m’s

He is only one, I know. He shouldn’t be feasting on sugary treats, I know. But when his eyes are fixed on the bowl, and his baby stubs are kicking in anticipation, and his teeny tiny finger is pointing so earnestly, and those chubby cheeks are begging for just one little piece, I can’t say no.

3. Baby shows

You guys, I have an addiction to these shows! I obviously missed my calling in life to be an OBGYN. Giving birth has been he most painful and rewarding thing I have done in my life. I just can’t peel my eyes away from these other women, who made the decision to say, “welcome, cameras, come watch me wallow in pain for hours and push a thing the size of a watermelon through a hole the size of a golf pin. Enjoy!” Popcorn, anyone?

4. Rancho Food

If you ever go to San Diego, please try this place. It’s just off sunset cliffs (another must do) and it serves the BEST mexican I had ever had. I crave this food so often I’ve considered driving the 60+ minutes to eat here. It is that good.

5. Listening to my children laugh

There is no sound more soothing than the happiness of my children. They don’t get away with staying up past their bedtime often, but that said, I have a hard time putting them to bed when they are rolling around on the floor in fits of giggles. It is moments like these I wish I had a pause button on life.


2 Responses to “The things I can’t say no to:”

  1. Stupid Stork Says:

    Oh man… Chocolate cookies! People are making me hungry today.

    And I have literally considered driving the 2 hours to San Diego to eat at Anthony’s fish grotto. mmmmmm….


    • svanyo Says:

      I have never eaten there, but now I wonder if I ever should…I can hardly handle the tempting calls of Rancho Food! It’s probably a good thing I don’t live within driving distance or I’d become a beached whale…literally.


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