Precious Moments

September 25, 2012

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.” – unknown

I’m going to devote one day a week to record the precious moments of my children’s lives. The adorable things they do and say need to be recorded somewhere so I can savor these moments forever. It’s cliche, but time goes by too fast. And these days, I can say with certainty, are the best days of my life – days filled with bath bubbles, glue messes, tickles and goodnight stories. I wish I could live these days forever. Fourty years from now, this is what I want to remember:

How when I leave for work, I give kisses in my girl’s hand and she puts them in her pocket. When her daddy asked her for a kiss after I gave her one, she pointed to her lips and said, “but I want to keep mommy’s kiss here!” (Daddy had to settle for a kiss on the cheek.)

I made her a project to finish at the sitter’s house. On one of the pages I drew a picture. On the way, her daddy reminded her and she said, “I can look at the picture when I get lonely?”

How my little boy puckers his lips when it’s time for me to go. And how he wants to give a kiss to everyone in the family, because it’s only fair. . .

My baby boy’s first words: “ere’d daddin go?” “Daddin” for daddy, “-ater” for water, and “boop-boo” for poo-poo.

How he is the cuddliest cuddle bear! His cheeks on my chest in a puddle of baby drool, his arms hugging me. I hope he can feel my heart surrounding him.

How my girl repeatedly reaches out for me to make sure I’m still there as she falls asleep.

I know these days are limited, but these memories can last forever.


A weird little G.I.M.M part 3

September 24, 2012

Since I’ve already established how compatible we are and how much we think alike, I’m dedicating today’s post to just how different the hubs and I are.

1. Snacks: I love snacks. Crackers, popcorn, pretzels, hummus, m & m’s, you name it. The hubs, on the other hand, not so much. He’d rather make a sandwich. Even at midnight, if his tummy’s a rumbling, he’ll skip over the chips and go straight for the salami. The one and only exception to this sandwich addiction is when we have artichoke jalepeno dip in the fridge.

2. Video games: I think they are mind garbage, he thinks they are an acceptable way to pass the time. Sorry, but our children will never play Call of Duty, hun.

3. Chocolate shakes: These are the only thing he will order from Dairy Queen, and he despises malts. I LOVE homemade malts, and DQ has so much more than shakes!!!

I’m keeping it brief tonight, ladies and gents. ‘Twas an awful Monday, and I’m still trying to recover from staff meeting hell.

My daughter’s latest phase is going to the bathroom every 5 minutes. No lies, EVERY FIVE minutes. It’s terribly annoying. We just get settled into a new game of tooth fairy or reading a new book and she says, “pause it mommy, I have to go pee pee.” At first I was very concerned, (bladder infection? UTI? Oh, my gosh, kidney stones???) but thanks to the over the counter azo test strips, I confirmed she has no infection. So I consulted with Dr. Google, and it turns out to be yet another freakishly common toddler habbit I had never heard of. Even if I did, I doubt I would’ve believed that they actually meant the said toddler would want to go potty EVERY 5 minutes. Did I mention it tries my patience? This weekend, we went out for lunch as a family after her gymnastics class. We used the bathroom before we left class, then she said she had to go when we got there, so I took her again. The bathroom was a 3 story elevator ride away. (and by the way, if you’ve never taken a toddler on a trip to a public restroom, it is how you might imagine. . .the germ-o-phobe in my brain is on loudspeaker, and it won’t shut up, “don’t touch, no gross, not that, step away from the bowl, oh. . .ew!”) Anypoop, so we had already been to the bathroom twice in a matter of 20 minutes when she says she has to go again. I was not about to take her, darn it. So I clearly said, “no, we will use the bathroom when we get home!” and of course, my daughter screamed at the unfairness. As we passed by a few onlookers I realized that I must look like the world’s worst mother. I mean, who wouldn’t let their poor toddler use the toilet if she had to go wee-wee? For shame! So these, my friends (all 2 of you) are some things I’d like to explain to my former self:

1. CK Louis says it best here. Don’t judge other parents. 99% of the time, they are probably amazing parents with valid reasons for their seemingly horrible parenting skills. Kids are work. Worthwhile and rewarding, yes, but work!

2. Sending out RSVP’s for wedding invites is not as easy as it seems it should be when it is your own wedding. I know, they couldn’t possibly make it any easier, self addressing the post cards and all, but for some unknown reason the laziness gods make it impossible to put that post card in the mail. Whether it’s the decision of turkey vs. vegetarian or sitter vs. skip, it just doesn’t get done. This is why all weddings should be either byob/meal or strickly private events.

3. Having a cat is not as cool as you once thought. My whole life I despised cats. I was clawed as a toddler and scarred for life, or so I thought. Fast forward 23 years and I meet my first “cool” cat. And for the most part, he is pretty cool. He follows us to the park, and is  chill with all (minus a few one crazy) neighbor-folk. He cuddles like a teddy bear in my arms at night, and comes when I call for him. All signs of a cool cat, right? Here’s the problem: they pee, sometimes outside of the litter box, they scratch your floors, tear your curtains, and make a mess of your couch, they leave fur everywhere, bring in bugs, and leave headless mice for you on the patio. Gross. Cats are not cool, former self, not cool.

4. Stick with photography. I started out as a photojournalism major in college. But, I lived in a small town where I personally knew the photographers of the two local papers. The practical, midwestern, voice in my head told myself that the job prospects would be slim and I should go for a job with a bit more security. So I majored in special education. Now I have pelenty of job security (NO ONE wants to do what I do) but my satisfaction is at an all time low. And I don’t even live in that small town anymore, did I really think I’d stay there forever? It’s not that I hate my job, I can find the positives in what I do, but I’m just not fulfilled. Oh what I’d give to tell my former self, “teaching ain’t as rewarding as everyone makes it out to be, kid. Just keep going, you’re on the right track.” Ideally, someone annonymous would leave us a million dollars on our doorstep so I could stay home with my precious babes, and pick up my photography hobby again. You never know what could happen. . .

I may have to revisit this topic, as I’m sure more will come to me with the passage of time. In a few years I’m sure I’ll be doing weird new things I thought I’d never do that somehow became habits overnight. Life is crazy like that. Speaking of crazy goodness, I’m loving iclw week! Thank you all for stopping by my little piece of the inter-world. I’ve so enjoyed learning everyone’s stories, and reading some wonderful blogs!

Four fill in the blank Friday

September 21, 2012

ICLW week is here, and so I begin with this fun game:

This week’s statements:
1. The last time I was on vacation, I went to ___
2. For ___I like to eat___
3. My heart hurts when____________because_______________________.
4. Why must _____________ just to____________________.

Answers from the chocohalic:
1. The last time I was on vacation, I went to Fargo, ND.
2. For breakfast I like to eat eggs.
3. My heart hurts when I hear the stories of the children in Haiti, from my dear friend Krystal, because I feel helpless. The Fielstra family is amazing!
4. Why must my cat kill mice just to leave them (headless) outside our patio door?

Want to join the Friday fun? Head on over here.
Happy furlough Friday everyone!

In case anyone is wondering what this is all about, check out stupid stork, who came up with this magnificent marriage confessional idea. You should check out her blog anyway, I don’t know if she knows it yet, but she’s sort of my blog hero. Anywho, here are tidbits you might find out if you were lurking in our bushes. Not really, gross.

  • Tonight my husband calculated that in order to actually pee a million times, you would have to live to the age of 330, assuming that you use the facilities an average of 10 times per day. These are the thoughts we ponder and find answers to right here, from the comfort of our couch. You’re welcome.
  • We have opposite approaches to cleaning the house. I’m more of the cleaning induced ADHD-type, rushing the house trying to get done as soon as possible. He turns into an OCD patient, cleaning every nook and corner of the counter top with a 7 step procedure. I can clean the entire rest of the house in the time it takes him to clean the kitchen countertops and cabinets. This used to annoy me to no end, but I’ve since  grown to appreciate his thorough, snail-paced approach.
  • For our honeymoon, we did a road trip from North Dakota to the coast and down to San Diego. At the time I remember feeling a little down that we couldn’t afford a tropical honeymoon filled with umbrellas in our drinks. We made the most of it, and looking back, it was THE best choice we made.
  • We’ve been driving a mini-van since before we had kids. We drove it for four years before we could use the kids as an excuse.
  • In order to put our 3-year-old to sleep, we need to lay in bed with her until she nods off to sleepy-land. In her full size bed, I lay next to her, and my husband lays at the foot of her bed. Often we both fall asleep with her, and roll ourselves to our own bed around midnight. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This week’s photos

September 16, 2012

Welcome, ICLW. I hope you find my amatuer blog at least somewhat-interesting. Here are my photos from this week’s challenge:

Alice in Wonderland


Taken on my visit home this summer in Fargo, ND

Roald Dahl

Dahl wrote a series of short stories titled, “Kiss, Kiss.” One of the short stories in the collection, “The Landlady” is taught to my sophomores.





* We got married in a Catholic church, which requires a very lengthy compatibility test. We scored 98.5%, the highest our priest had ever seen.

* I don’t do his laundry anymore. After about 2 years of marriage, I went out and bought him his own laundry basket. I think it saved our marriage. I have a strong hate for laundry.

* We have a secret language for when we are out in public. For example, when we want to point out someone’s very obvious boob job, the keyword is bowling. “We haven’t been bowling in years!” . . . Nudge, nudge. . .

* We admittedly watch a lot of TV. It’s kind of our thing. Every night we have a date with each other on the couch and watch our dvr’ed shows after the kids are in bed. And we’re completely at peace with the fact that we’d rather spend time at home with family than anywhere else. 

* My husband loves video games, but he doesn’t realize when I bought him the ps3 for x-mas, it was partially for selfish reasons. I wanted time to write!

* Sweet as he is, my husband is no romantic. I bought my own flowers for our seventh anniversary. :p

* We think so much alike, when I asked him what he would tell people about what our married life is like, he gave me this same list. Ridiculous.


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