A weird little (belated) glimpse into our marriage

September 11, 2012

* We got married in a Catholic church, which requires a very lengthy compatibility test. We scored 98.5%, the highest our priest had ever seen.

* I don’t do his laundry anymore. After about 2 years of marriage, I went out and bought him his own laundry basket. I think it saved our marriage. I have a strong hate for laundry.

* We have a secret language for when we are out in public. For example, when we want to point out someone’s very obvious boob job, the keyword is bowling. “We haven’t been bowling in years!” . . . Nudge, nudge. . .

* We admittedly watch a lot of TV. It’s kind of our thing. Every night we have a date with each other on the couch and watch our dvr’ed shows after the kids are in bed. And we’re completely at peace with the fact that we’d rather spend time at home with family than anywhere else. 

* My husband loves video games, but he doesn’t realize when I bought him the ps3 for x-mas, it was partially for selfish reasons. I wanted time to write!

* Sweet as he is, my husband is no romantic. I bought my own flowers for our seventh anniversary. :p

* We think so much alike, when I asked him what he would tell people about what our married life is like, he gave me this same list. Ridiculous.


One Response to “A weird little (belated) glimpse into our marriage”

  1. Stupid Stork Says:

    Lol – for our anniversary, Bubba bought a card, and abandoned it. So I’ve left it on his desk to fill out for me.. And it’s been there for TWO. MONTHS.


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