Four fill in the blank Friday

September 21, 2012

ICLW week is here, and so I begin with this fun game:

This week’s statements:
1. The last time I was on vacation, I went to ___
2. For ___I like to eat___
3. My heart hurts when____________because_______________________.
4. Why must _____________ just to____________________.

Answers from the chocohalic:
1. The last time I was on vacation, I went to Fargo, ND.
2. For breakfast I like to eat eggs.
3. My heart hurts when I hear the stories of the children in Haiti, from my dear friend Krystal, because I feel helpless. The Fielstra family is amazing!
4. Why must my cat kill mice just to leave them (headless) outside our patio door?

Want to join the Friday fun? Head on over here.
Happy furlough Friday everyone!


13 Responses to “Four fill in the blank Friday”

  1. Little Mrs. Know It All Says:

    1. Chateugay, NY
    2. dinner….I like to eat meat and potatoes
    3. my head hurts when I watch to much tv because I am lazy
    4. WHy must Republicans disparage the poor just to win votes

    that was super fun!


  2. Stupid Stork Says:

    1. Hmmm… ‘vacation’… I go to DC every christmas to see the in-laws. Occasionally take an overnighter to San Diego.. but the last real vacation would be the honeymoon to Hawaii – 6 years ago. 😦

    2. Dinner.. Steak, risotto, asparagus.

    3. My heart hurts when ANYONE gets knocked up, because I am not.

    4. Why must republicans go so far too the right just to appease a very small, very crazy group of people who would like it to be the 50s again (which was great – unless you were a woman, a minority, a homosexual, etc. etc. etc.)


  3. Happy ICLW – thanks for playing!

    #4 – yuck! I am glad my cat was an indoor cat only…


  4. 1. The last time I was on vacation, I went to San Diego
    2. For Lunch I like to eat pasta.
    3. My heart hurts when the house is a mess because I like things in order.
    4. Why must it take so much effort just to return to normal (we just moved).


  5. marwil Says:

    The last time I was on vacation I went to Paris.
    For dinner I like to eat risotto (yum!)
    My heart hurts when I hear all the stories of infertility and loss because no one deserves it!
    Why must it take so much energy to keep going just to be dissapointed again.


  6. Bree Says:

    Hello from ICLW!!! Thanks for stopping by my little piece of the world and sharing your support…

    Love this can count me in every time. LOL (kinda reminds me of those games called “Madlibs” I played as a kid…(wait, did I just show my age??) LOL 😉

    1. Vacation??? What’s that? LOL
    2. For lunch I like to eat arugula salad with blackened shrimp & red wine vinaigrette dressing
    3. My heart hurts when I see a homeless person on the corner asking for money because that could be me. We’re always only a day away from life changing events….
    4. Why must it be so hard just to become a parent?


  7. Aspgriswold Says:

    Happy ICLW!!

    1. Kentucky
    2. For breakfast I love to eat a fried egg avocado sandwich!
    3. My heart hurts when aunt flow shows another time because it means my uterus is still empty.
    4. Why must people hurt others just to get ahead.

    Thanks! This was fun!! 🙂

    ICLW #3


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