Battle Wounds

April 2, 2013

ImageEver had one of those moments as a parent where you feel you should be writing a speech for winning “Worst parent of the Year” award? You know, where the guilt of a distracted moment lead you rushing to the ER in sheer panic? From an outsider’s perspective, it’s understandable that not much could’ve been done to prevent the incident, but deep down you still feel like you should’ve known better, or should’ve done something different. . .here’s my latest.

Last night, as we were leaving for an evening stroll with the dog, we double checked the locks on our Prius parked in the driveway. It wouldn’t lock because a door was ajar. I suspected it was the hatchback since I was unloading groceries earlier. In the time it took me to open and close the door, my baby, one day shy of 2 years old, snuck his entire arm in the way. I closed the door on his little baby arm!!! But the nightmare was just beginning. It wouldn’t open. The damn thing was S-T-U-C-K! And his arm was trapped. My husband and I were both pulling as hard as we could, and it wasn’t budging. Instant panic. My husband crawled in the back seat to push from the inside, but that didn’t work. He threw his phone at me so I could call 911, and we kept pulling at the door. It didn’t open, but the handle detached. My husband ran to get a hammer, and jack knifed the door enough to wriggle his tiny arm free. It was flat and crooked, and I assumed broke. The first thing he did was give himself kiss and blows. (Such a brave little sweetie!) He had one giant tear falling down his cheek when I scooped him up. My little girl was pretty shook up as well, and the fire trucks didn’t help to calm her worries. But they did distract the little guy, and after the rest of us had a moment to calm down we noticed his arm was bouncing back. We then turned down the ambulance ride and I took him in to urgent care for an X-ray.

Miraculously, there was no fracture. His arm was like a memory foam pillow, that was flattened, but slowly puffed back into it’s original shape after the weight was removed. They fitted him with a brace and we were on our way home, much to mama’s relief. Awaiting us was his worried big sis, who was sweet enough to stay up late and wrap him a present (a balloon) to cheer him up. Oh my goodness, I love my sweet children!

I guess the moral to the story is threefold. One, ALWAYS check your surroundings before closing a door so that all children limbs remain accounted for. Two, when a hatchback does not open with a child’s arm is inside, RUN for the hammer. Three, and most importantly, my children are the most precious, important pieces to my life. I wish it was my arm instead of my baby’s, my tears instead of his, my screams instead of his sister’s. But it is over now, and thank God my babies are safe and healthy. I am so lucky to be their mommy! 


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