Counting my blessings

March 7, 2016

imageRain is drip-dropping on the ceiling, warm tea at my side, and a baby bundled in blankets asleep on my chest. His mouth is agape, milk dribbling onto his cheek. His baby breaths pant in my ear, and every so often his eyes peek open as if to make sure I’m still here. (I’ll always be here buddy, as long as I live.) ¬†Downstairs your brother and sister watch Paw Patrol, and talk about the toys they see on commercials. “I want that, no changes!” Your biggest sister is at school, hopefully staying dry, and daddy is hard at work.

I want these days to last forever. When I can fit you in the nook of my arm and tend to your every need. Someday you will be taller than me doing great things I can only dream of doing, but for now I am your everything. I am your home, I am where hunger is fed, pain is comforted, dirt is cleaned, and tired is rocked, bounced, massaged, and kissed. And while I’m able to provide all these things to you, the beauty is really in what you provide me – a purpose in this great big world.


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