Magic is 2

February 12, 2014

A friend posted a link titled, “why my kid is crying” where people send in images of their baby/toddler crying and the reason why. (Ok, that was pretty self explanatory.) Kids are funny, but often as parents we’re too stressed out trying to get through the day that we lose perspective of the humor (or necessity?) behind tantrums. Anyway, I made it my own project, and here is what I came up with.








The great thing about this project was that it made me stop in the midst of chaos to grab my camera, and take a moment. It MADE me gain perspective of the situation. Instead of, “oh my gosh, just stop crying!” I was more sympathetic, or at the very least, less irritated. Because who doesn’t feel like kicking and screaming on the floor when they can’t have their cookie?

With my new shift in perspective, I am starting to see how magical this age really is. Frustrating, exhausting, impossible at times, yes, but magical. Yesterday as soon my sweet toothed toddler got his fairy treats (we have good-night fairies visit our house and leave treats if little ones are sleeping on time. This morning it was a few mini m&m’s.) he jumped back in bed with his puppy, a beanie baby multi colored dog he can’t seem to go anywhere without lately. He feed the treats to his puppy, then himself, happy as could be. These are the moments I am happiest to give my children, and I’m so lucky I have the chance to soak them in.

Later that day he played dress up with his sister. As I listened from the other room, I overheard these gems: “I will be a prince. And you will be in a tower and I will help you.” And, “I’m a prince to save you and Charlotte and mama.” Music to my ears. But the best part of the day was during our happiest moment time. Usually when the question gets to him, he says something generic like going to the park, or playing a puzzle, even if we didn’t do that during the day. But this time he said, “when we was playing and Gwen was helping my buttons.” There are no words, just a happy heart!


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